Please Update your Contact Information

At Dixie Electric and DE Fastlink, we rely on data for nearly every aspect of operations. Whether you are an existing, pending, or future DE Fastlink subscriber, it is imperative that we have your current contact information. If we do not have a valid phone number on file for you, we can’t reach you to schedule your in-home installation.

You can verify and update your contact information in several different ways:

  • Use your SmartHub app on your mobile device to select more, settings, and contact methods.
  • Visit or, log in to your account, select the My Profile menu tab, and update your contact information. Please note that you will need to select an effective date in order to save your new information.
  • If you have verified that your information is incorrect in SmartHub and are unable to successfully update it, you can give us a call at 601-425-2535. In order to keep call volume down, please verify your contact information within SmartHub before calling to update.

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