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High Speed Internet Guide

Yes! DE Fastlink will deploy high-speed internet across Dixie Electric's entire service territory. This project requires more than 3,000 miles of fiber optic cable to be installed on existing power poles and will take approximately four to five years to complete.

Aerial fiber to the home (FTTH) high-speed fiber-optic network has been constructed on Dixie Electric’s existing electric distribution infrastructure and will be physically connected to your home or business. We consider this network to be the most future-proof technology available.

A fiber-optic network consists of long, thin strands of glass arranged in an insulated cable and each optical fiber has the ability to transmit data in light waves with great bandwidth. Fiber transmits data faster over longer distances than copper and with less signal degradation and no latency issues.

Network speeds of 100 megabits per second (MBPS) to 1,000 MBPS (gigabit service) are available. A megabit is the download rate of an internet connection. Gigabit service is 200X the typical DSL download speed. Dixie Electric’s internet service will be symmetrical meaning that the upload speed will be the same as the download speed. If you subscribe to the 100 MBPS service, then you will get that speed whether downloading or uploading. Packages and pricing can be found here.

Under the Mississippi Broadband Enabling Act, Dixie Electric must provide this internet service through an operating subsidiary that is separate from Dixie Electric. Dixie Electric formed DE Fastlink, LLC as a subsidiary to provide this service in September 2020.

Packages and pricing for DE Fastlink high-speed internet can be found here.

There are no data caps with our service! Also, this high-speed internet service is symmetrical, meaning that the upload speed is the same as the download speed.

No. Under the Mississippi Broadband Enabling Act, an electric cooperative cannot use energy sales revenue to subsidize broadband services. Fiber deployment will not affect electric rates. Dixie Electric and DE Fastlink are separate organizations and all costs and revenues are separate.

Broadband high-speed internet provides multiple benefits, including improved opportunities for economic development, telemedicine and distance learning in rural areas.

Broadband commonly refers to high-speed internet access that is always on and faster than any other type of internet service. Broadband fiber-optic networks can deliver voice, data, video and email services over the internet.

Once you sign up for service and it becomes available in your area, an installation is scheduled. Fiber installation is simple and non-invasive. We pull fiber from our main lines and follow power lines to attach the fiber to your home or business. The fiber will run to your home or business in the same manner power lines run to your home or business. If your electric service comes from overhead lines, so will your broadband service. If your electric service comes from underground lines, so will your broadband service. Next, we attach the fiber line to a box near your electric meter where the inside wiring connects with the outside wiring. Finally, the fiber is connected to a fiber jack inside your home or office, where it’s plugged into the modem we provide.

Construction crews pulling and hanging the fiber and taking it to your home’s outside wiring are preparing the network to go live once construction in the area is complete. A DE Fastlink employee will contact you to schedule an appointment for an in-home installer to finalize your connection and test the services from your equipment. Once that installation is complete and tested, your service should be ready to go.

Fiber Internet 7 Phases

DE Fastlink will need to place an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) device and a WiFi extender inside your home to establish a connection to the fiber network. This equipment is provided to the member at no cost. The use of DE Fastlink equipment is required to obtain service.

No! DE Fastlink does require you to sign a customer agreement, but no contracts are required for service.