Let’s Make Your Home a Little Smarter

We get it. You can only pack so many PB&Js before your kids start complaining. Don’t worry about coming up with a new menu—we’ve found some great lunches your kids will not want to trade away.

And if you’re thinking about fall trips, you’re in luck. Domestic flight prices are down and we’re showing you a cool hack on how to book them.

We’re covering it all in this month’s edition of The Local Gig.

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These tips from CNET can help you avoid placing home security cameras in places that don’t offer the best protection or viewing angle. 🏡

The first few weeks of school can be quite a challenge. Adjusting to new schedules (and wake-up times), routines, and homework can make packing a tasty lunch even tougher. The folks at Tasty have rounded up a few things your kids will look forward to when the bell rings for lunch. 😋

Back-To-School Recipes Kids Will Love

If you have a knack for DIY and want to make your home a little smarter, try out these techy project ideas you can do around the home. 🛠

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If you have a dream vacation that keeps you here in the US, now may be the time to book it. Due to increased demand for overseas travel, domestic airfares are down more than 10%. ✈

There are tons of travel booking apps out there, but don’t overlook Google Flights. It’s a great tool, and The Points Guy breaks down the best way to use it and score a low fare. 💲

Coast to coast, these are the best options for your fall trip, whether you want to see fall foliage in all its glory or enjoy fewer crowds at the beach. 🍂

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There have been lots of changes to how NFL games are broadcast. Here’s how you can watch every game without cable this season. 🏈

Even if you didn’t make it to Europe this summer, you can still enjoy a view of the Eiffel Tower from your living room with this Parisian Cafe ambiance. ☕

Dreamy Paris Cafe Ambience with Soft Jazz Piano & Rain Sounds for Sleep, Relaxation, & Focus

Spotify listeners can now use the power of AI to discover new artists and playlists. The DJ feature is being rolled out in select markets. Pop in your headphones and let your own personal DJ discover new music for you. 🎧

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