DE Fastlink Tech Support Defined

At DE Fastlink, we pride ourselves on having an exemplary staff of fiber technicians, all knowledgeable and trained to provide quality customer service and technical support. Many times, we hear through subscriber testimonials that our knowledgeable and quick-to-respond fiber technicians are what set us apart from other telecom providers. So, what exactly is considered technical support?

DE Fastlink fiber technicians are ready to respond at any point your service is interrupted. Their responsibilities include troubleshooting, maintenance, installation of DE Fastlink equipment, and overall quality of your service. This type of technical support is included as part of your monthly bill.

However, there are times fiber technicians are dispatched to homes where there is a request beyond what we offer through technical support. Examples include subscribers needing help installing streaming devices, mounting televisions, or answering internet-related questions. Internet-related questions should be resolved over the phone by calling our tech support team at 833-521-3278 or by visiting our website.

 Please be aware that any tech support request you make where a fiber technician is dispatched to your home that doesn’t involve a DE Fastlink equipment issue may incur a service charge, which is $30 per occurrence.

In the same regard, subscribers who continue to have technical issues within their control, such as animals chewing through wires or damage to equipment, may also be charged a service charge per occurrence. Subscribers are expected to exercise reasonable protection to all DE Fastlink equipment, especially since this equipment is included at no extra cost to the subscriber.

To keep our technical support response time at an efficient and quick pace, we ask that in-home technical support requests be made ONLY when your service is interrupted, or your DE Fastlink equipment has been damaged. All other requests should be handled by phone or by visiting our website.

Thank you for being a valued DE Fastlink subscriber. We will continue providing the exceptional technical and customer support you have come to expect. For any additional questions, please contact us at 833-521-3278.

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