DE Fastlink Celebrate 10,000 Subscribers

On December 9, 2022, DE Fastlink connected its 10,000th subscriber, Miranda Pickens, with high-speed internet, which was a monumental milestone. To celebrate this achievement, Dixie Electric held a celebration event at its headquarters on Thursday, Jan. 5.

In attendance were employees and honored guests who have been instrumental in the success of DE Fastlink. Local media were also invited to attend, and the event was livestreamed on DE Fastlink’s Facebook page for subscribers to attend online.

Dixie Electric General Manager Randy Smith gave a timeline review of DE Fastlink from its formation in 2020 to its current status of 10,000 subscribers and 3,223 miles of fiber installed. Smith also thanked many for their contribution to the success of DE Fastlink, including the employees of Dixie Electric, who stepped up and took on the extra workload of two companies to provide this extra layer of service to its members. He also thanked Dixie Electric members for trusting them to provide the service, as well as for receiving it. 

DE Fastlink Board of Managers member Alicia Walker spoke to the perfect timing of DE Fastlink when distance learning, telemedicine and working from home were necessities and not available to rural Mississippians.

DE Fastlink subscriber Margarett Boyd of Ovett spoke about how her town felt like the forgotten part of Jones County when it came to access to internet service. She thanked Dixie Electric for seeing the need to provide this service for its members, stating how she needed this service for telemedicine for her elderly mother, distance learning for her special needs son, and to work from home. She also commended the professionalism and friendliness of the technicians and staff, who are prompt and eager to help when an issue arises.

Commissioner Dane Maxwell spoke about the Public Service Commission’s role in providing broadband funding. He also commended Dixie Electric and DE Fastlink for the pace at which they had provided this service to their members. To end the event, the Commissioner assisted in drawing 25 different prizes amongst active DE Fastlink subscribers.

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