Sling Blue or Sling Orange? Picking the Right Sling Package for You

You’ve wanted to cut the cable cord and rid yourself of the excess bills and equipment of cable television for years. Thankfully, today’s reliable, high-speed fiber internet from DE Fastlink and ever-improving streaming technology finally lets you experience live TV in high-definition and pristine picture quality.

One of the best ways to access live streaming TV is through Sling TV, which you can easily add to your MyBundle lineup of apps. Sling TV lets you select from three packages of live television channels based on your viewing and content preferences while helping you find ways to cut costs.

Below we discuss these packages and their broad selections of content in more detail so you can make the best and most economical choice for live streaming TV for you and your family—and you can get busy streaming!

Sling TV’s Basic Packages: the Blue and the Orange

Sling TV offers two basic packages with different mixes of channels to choose from based on your content preferences. In this way, Sling provides a way to save you money if you don’t need or want certain kinds of channels or services.

For starters, both packages cost the same price: just $35 per month. The difference is in the array of content each provides.

The Blue package features 47 channels, including NBC and live news services such as CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC. A wider variety of great entertainment channels like FX, USA, Bravo, and SyFy are also part of the Blue package. Sling’s Blue Package also includes more nature and historic programmings like National Geographic and Nat Geo Wild.

On the other hand, Sling’s Orange package provides 32 live channels, including the Disney Channel, ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN3. If ESPN’s channels and the Disney Channel are essential in your household, the Orange package might be the right fit for you, especially if you don’t need multiple news stations or other entertainment channels.

So Which Sling TV Package Should You Choose?

With the diverse content available on both Sling’s Blue package and Orange package, it can be a difficult choice to make! If you have a sports fan in your house who can’t get enough of ESPN’s vast sports news and analysis, you might prefer the Orange plan.

But you might opt for the Blue package if you have a news junkie who needs to stay abreast of current events as they happen in real-time. If your household wants quality children’s programming like on the Disney Channel, the Orange plan may be required—unless there’s a devoted fan of one of the many quality series on FX or SyFy in your home.  You get why it can be a tough decision!

Check out the channel lineups on both the Blue and the Orange packages and see if you can live without the channels and services of one. It’s a nice way to save money on building a live TV lineup without paying for content you don’t want.

Sling’s Orange & Blue Package May Be Your Best Deal!

For those households having trouble deciding which Sling package to choose, Sling offers another cost-saving option. For just $15 more a month, you can get both packages of live TV through Sling!

Yes, for just $50 a month, you can get the Blue and the Orange packages together on Sling’s Orange & Blue! That means you don’t have to choose which live sports or news channels you miss out on and can enjoy all the great live TV and entertainment Sling can offer. For the extra $15 per month, it might just be worth it.

With MyBundle’s innovative and cost-saving streaming features, Sling TV helps you have a complete home streaming entertainment service without needing cable or a satellite dish.

Cutting the cord has never been easier or more satisfying!

To learn more about Sling TV and MyBundle, click here. And to discover new ways to get the most out of your reliable, high-speed fiber internet, follow DE Fastlink’s social pages!  

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