DE Fastlink links 8,000th subscriber

Today, DE Fastlink linked its 8,000th subscriber!
Fellowship Baptist Church can’t wait to use their new high-speed internet for many different processes of the church, such as accessing their security cameras, having access to digital lesson plans for their adult and children’s ministries, and for ordering supplies.
To put this accomplishment into perspective, at this time last year, DE Fastlink had just over 700 subscribers. DE Fastlink has covered a lot of ground in a year and continues to move full steam ahead. Dixie Electric and DE Fastlink employees met with several members of Fellowship Baptist Church today to celebrate their installation and this major milestone for DE Fastlink.
DE Fastlink would like to thank its subscribers for being patient, for trusting them, and for their support as they continue to link communities with the internet they deserve.
For Dixie Electric members who are still waiting for the service, DE Fastlink asks for your continued patience as they bring fiber to the remainder of its system. They know waiting is the hard part, but fiber is worth the wait!

Aaron Zumwalt, Jeremy Eason, Brian Johnson, Glenda Barnett, Mark Martin, Robby Gray, Freddie Malone and Barney Barnett

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