A simple way to keep your home secure while on vacation

Summer is in full swing, and so is travel! Before you take that trip, there is an important conversation to have with those traveling with you. Keep your home’s security in mind, and keep your vacation to yourself… until you get home, that is.   

So, you’re on vacation. The scenery is beautiful, your family is having the best time, and you capture that moment with the perfect photo. Immediately you go to your favorite social media platform to share this experience with your friends and followers. Before you hit the post button, you might want to think twice about who you are sharing it with.

We all identify our followers as friends, but you can’t always be sure that each person that follows you on social media has your best interest at heart. Always be mindful of what you write or photos that you post that would alert those on your social media account that your home is unoccupied. You are putting your property at risk and could return home to an empty house!

Criminals monitor social media to see when you’re away from home. Here are a few pro-privacy tips for travel and social media:

Don’t post about your trip ahead of time.

Be careful not to broadcast your vacation plans ahead of time. You don’t want to give potential thieves the prep time they need to devise a plan, knowing that no one is home to catch them.

Don’t check-in at the airport.

It’s tempting to begin your vacation status updates by checking into the airport and announcing your destination. Although it’s a fun announcement, it’s also an open invitation to burglars. Be careful not to “share the wealth” with your audience, as they could determine the wealth of your home based on the “paradise” of your travel destination.

Don’t post status updates while on vacation.

Be careful not to post how long your vacation will last or what your next move will be. This allows criminals to know when you will return home and leaves your home exposed.

Don’t post pictures while on vacation.

We know it’s hard, but your photos can wait to be posted until you get home. Your vacant home will thank you for it.

Don’t tag the people vacationing with you.

The more people you tag in your photos, the more exposed your home will be, as your audience will grow much larger than your own. Also, if you’re traveling with others that live outside of your home, you are exposing their vacant home as well. Be courteous to others, and wait until you get home to post about your vacation.

It is important to remember to never assume that your privacy settings on social media will keep your home safe while you are gone. Even if you have a home security system, you can add an extra layer of protection for your home by not exposing it while you’re away.

So, go and have the best vacation you can – but wait and tell us all about it once you return home.

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